Australasian Institute of Emergency Services

Australian Capital Territory Division

Christine Miller MAIES
Vice President
Sue Ford MAIES
Secretary / Treasurer
Phillip Gaden MAIES
Jeffrey Bollard FAIES


Details of the meetings of the ACT Division will be posted below for the information of members and guests. All members of the Emergency Services and affiliated organisations, local or visiting, are also welcome to attend.

Please RSVP any time prior to the meeting date to Scott Milne or Phil Gaden

The ACT Division wants to ensure that its site visits and meetings are useful and attractive to its members. If you are keen to host a site visit or present on a particular topic, please contact Phil Gaden or Scott Milne and make them an offer.

Further, if you would like to visit a particular location or hear a particular speaker in Canberra please let Phil or Scott know and they will endeavour to arrange this. Further meeting details will be added as the arrangements are finalised.